Director Thoughts

For those of you who have forgotten my ranking system:
Rating 1 - Forget about it; not worth your time
Rating 2 - An ok read
Rating 3 - Recommended
Rating 3.5 - Highly recommended
Rating 4 - Must Read

Must Reads

Bible - Favorite books within are John & Acts.
Hinds Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard
In His Steps by Charles Sheldon
The Shack by William Young
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey
Who Moved My Cheese by Spenser Johnson

Remember, there are other great books out there. This is my list of those that have had life changing outcomes for me.

What I'm Reading Now

Hacksaw Ridge
I don't usually rate movies, but can't pass up on this one. Wonderful movie based upon the true-life story of a young pacifist who enlists in the army to do his part in the Pacific, World War II. Movie is rated R due to violence of the scenes. However, no sex or swearing. Highly recommend. Rating of 4

Conspiracy of Silence
by Ronie Kendig
Kendig is a Christy Award winning author, and after reading book #1 of The Tox Files, it is easy to see why. With time quickly running out as the threat of a global pandemic rises, Cole "Tox" Russell and his former Special Forces team regroup to work with the FBI and an archaeology team to battle an ancient secret society in the hopes of ending a new Black Plague. Rating of 3.5 Can't wait for book #2 in the series. September feels as if it won't ever come.

Carolina Gold
by Dorothy Love
Inspired by the real life story of a 19th-century woman rice farmer from the South Carolina Lowcountry, the author writes of a young worman's struggle to restore her ruined world following the devastation immediately after the Civil War. Fans of Historic Fiction will not want to miss this one. Rating of 3.5